The 8 Types of Home Bakers; Which one are you?

by Beat Bake Eat

Here’s the thing… There’s no one personality when it comes to baking. Many of us will gravitate towards certain kinds of recipes and even sometimes have huge successes or fails based on our unique personality and way of doing things. Let’s see what type of baker you are.

There are many types of home bakers, some of which are messy, unorganized, and always stray from the recipe. Which one do you think you are?


The Organized One

There are two main types of bakers; those who read the recipe beforehand and those who don’t. And you bet your a** this person reads every single word before even stepping foot into the kitchen.

They will make sure that they have each and every ingredient, measure it out, then put them in those little clear bowls you see in food videos. Not only that, they will set out all of their measuring tools and their pan.

There is no such thing as winging it with them! Everything has to be out, be ready, and have a place before they can even begin.

‘Failing to prepare is preparing for failure!’ is something they’d probably say. 

The Unorganized One

Obviously, these people are the opposite of organized. They plan nothing.

They see a pretty picture, skim through the recipe ingredients, make sure they have the most important ones and get to baking! If something goes wrong, they will fix that sh*t on the spot and keep it moving.

And whether it turns out good or bad, you best believe they’re going to leave a review stating all the changes they made.

“This recipe was okay. I didn’t have enough butter so I just used some leftover bacon grease that I had. I also replaced the eggs with organic Mexican avocados, lowered the sugar, and added a half bottle of sprite. Not sure if I’ll make it again.”

If this is you and you’re upset by this, I’m sorry, but hey if the shoe fits… ?

The ‘Measure with Your Heart’ Type

These people see a recipe as more of a general guide.

Why use the specified single teaspoon of vanilla extract when you know a generous pour will make it taste oh so much better? There is never a measuring cup in sight when chocolate chips are called for in a recipe.

“1/2 cup of oil? I can eyeball that!”

The Pinterest Obsessed

If pinning was their job, they’d be rolling in dough!

Their recipe boards are jam packed with drool-worthy recipes and they’re constantly pinning to them. They love discovering new baking ideas, reading pin reviews, and leaving some of their own.

Whenever they make something and someone asks for the recipe, they just send the pin.

The Instagram Obsessed

These type of bakers follow so many food bloggers they can’t even keep track! They can stare at food photos all day long.

Whenever a blogger posts a recipe, that is definitely being saved to their recipe folder with dozens of their other recipes, half of which they haven’t even made or will ever make.

But whenever they do bake something you better believe they’re taking a picture of it and it’s either going on their feed or story, or even both.

Gotta do it for the gram!

The Messy One

If every time you bake it looks like a herd of children and their friends and school teachers rampaged through your kitchen, then you’re the messy one. Some of the thoughts you have while baking may include:

  • How do people measure powdered sugar without it going everywhere?
  • Why does the hand mixer always spray flour halfway across the kitchen?
  • Are you supposed to wash the dishes as you go?
  • I’ll just leave the egg shells here till I’m done.

The ‘Getting Your Kid Involved’ Baker

Instead of baking with the goal of having delicious treats to share, these home bakers are just trying to get their kids more involved in the kitchen.

If this is you, this might mean that sometimes you bake a recipe that might not be your favorite but has lots of easy steps.

Do you find yourself premeasuring a few ingredients, just so the kids have something to pour and mix? Yeah, those little buggers are running your life.

The Creative One

Are you tired of the classic chocolate chip cookie? Do you want to bake something that’s really different or unique? Something nobody has ever tried? Did you answer yes to all of these questions? Then, you are the one to get creative and step up to the plate.

You’re the one who tries new flavor combinations or new ingredients. You’re not afraid to explore or create your own recipes. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t, but at least it wasn’t boring!

Whatever you come up with, Pinterest has nothing on you.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Those that always forget to set the timer or preheat the oven.
  • The generous baker that bakes for everyone and for every occasion! They’re truly the best.
  • Beginners that have no clue what they’re doing and question everything (we’ve all been there).
  • The expert that knows exactly how a recipe will turn out based on the ingredient amounts alone, how long to bake everything, and always get’s it right.

There are so many different home bakers out there. Maybe you aren’t categorized as one of these (or maybe you are and you’re in denial), either way, keep doing you. You are baking and you are doing it your way, and that’s what makes baking fun!

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