by Beat Bake Eat

Hi, I’m Crystal – the author, photographer, and home baker behind Beat Bake Eat. Here you’ll discover easy baking recipes that make the most of simple ingredients.

I’m a self-taught baker that started baking because I would spend way too much money on baked goods from the grocery store. I would buy overpriced muffins, bagels, cake, cookies, you name it. At first it wasn’t a big deal but then I began noticing that my grocery bills (and my belly) were getting larger!

So, I stopped buying overpriced baked goods and made them at home from scratch which saved me a lot of money and it was much healthier too. I was very hesitant to do it but I did.

This little baking blog is where I post many of the recipes that I create and adapt.

The main reason why I was hesitant to start baking at home was because I thought it would be complicated and time consuming but with the right kind of recipes it’s actually surprisingly quick and easy! My goal is to prove just that. That’s why I try to mostly publish baking recipes that only require one bowl (for easy cleanup) and can be made entirely without a mixer.

So if you love baking as much as I do come along for the ride because it’s gonna be a sweet one!